About Us


The University of Missouri’s Sustainability Office seeks to ingrain sustainability principles of social equity, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity while integrating campus operations, academics and research. This is done through collaboration with students, faculty and staff to provide support, resources, education and leadership opportunities that lead to an empowered community willing to address sustainability issues on campus and beyond.


Mizzou’s Sustainability Office is the focal point and catalyst for sustainability related operations, education, research, activities and planning on a campus that implements the Missouri Method in serving as a living laboratory for sustainability.

Core Functions

Information Hub

Serve as a repository of information on sustainability resources and activities for the Mizzou campus community.  Information on existing sustainability related curricula, research, practices and activities is collected and made available to the campus community. This information is expected to influence evolution of campus sustainability by affecting campus goals, priorities and policies.  

Inter-Departmental Coordination

Mobilize campus to infuse sustainability by bridging people, disciplines, departments and ideas; facilitate collaborations, networking and partnerships while fostering a culture of sustainability.  The Office also cultivates and supports relationships with external organizations to exchange sustainability expertise.

Capacity Development

Empower campus stakeholders to understand and integrate sustainability principles in their area of influence and operation.  Provide support towards translating sustainability principles into actual actions on the ground. The Office provides support to identify and prioritize initiatives for campus sustainability efforts.

Implementation Support

Raise awareness and give prominence to opportunities for optimizing responsible use of human, natural and capital resources. Enable campus stakeholders to avail these opportunities by providing support in the form of regular assessments, reviews and analysis.

Communication and Outreach

Build synergy across campus by effectively communicating knowledge, practices, metrics and achievements in sustainability with campus community and general public.