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MU Sustainability Policy

On March 18, 2010, the University of Missouri officially adopted its current Sustainability Policy Statement:

The University of Missouri embraces its role in providing a healthy and safe learning environment for its students, staff, and faculty. Consistent with MU’s mission and values, we are committed to leadership in demonstrating local and global sustainability stewardship. MU recognizes the increasing need for policies and practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and has signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment with the goal of making the MU campus carbon neutral. Further, MU has undertaken an ambitious program of sustainability that includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

  • Incorporating sustainability and social responsibility in the teaching curriculum; researching, testing, and implementing new sustainability initiatives; and disseminating effective sustainability practices.
  • Taking proactive steps to preserve, protect, and renew natural resources, both locally and globally, thereby minimizing anthropogenic harm to the environment.
  • Identifying and utilizing environmentally friendly energy resources and employing a dynamic and proactive energy-conservation program.
  • Minimizing waste generation, recovering recyclable materials and safely managing necessary waste disposal.
  • Observing sustainable best practices in campus construction and procurement.
  • Researching and promoting sustainable practices in the growth, management, and transportation of food.
  • Promoting clean, efficient, and healthy transportation for all students, staff, and faculty.

Each unit or department within the University is expected to evaluate current policies and practices on a regular basis with the goal of adopting and improving environmentally sustainable practices.