What do the University of Missouri, the State of California and Apple Inc. have in common? They are three of the Environmental Protection Agency’s top 30 on-site green power generation partners who’ve been recently recognized for their clean power usage.

Overall MU placed sixth, outranking large corporations like BMW, IKEA and Coca-Cola. Additionally, MU is only one of four universities nationwide to even make the list. The University of California ranked fifth, Michigan State University placed 21st and the University of Iowa came in 26th.

“MU’s substantial renewable energy portfolio of biomass, wind and solar is helping meet sustainability goals and supporting its reputation as a national renewable energy leader,” said Director of MU Energy Management Gregg Coffin. “Our biomass Combined Heat and Power Facility not only provides the campus with renewable energy, it also invests in Central Missouri’s economy with the local purchase of sustainable wood residue biomass.”

As Coffin explained, the university’s renewable energy sources include:

  • Biomass – MU utilizes 100 percent biomass fired boiler capable of providing electricity and thermal energy to campus (supplies more than one-third of campus energy use)
  • Wind energy – Made possible through a Power Purchase Agreement between MU and the City of Columbia.
  • Demonstration wind turbine
  • Solar panels and a solar thermal system – The solar energy preheats water for MU’s Combined Heat and Power Facility

By utilizing the renewable energy sources listed above, MU’s annual on-site green power usage in the 2018 fiscal year was approximately 70.5 million kWh making up roughly 40 percent of the energy produced campus-wide.

Additionally, while increasing its renewable energy use, MU has seen a 73 percent reduction in coal use.  Over the last 10 years MU has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by over 50 percent.

In the years to come, Coffin said he projects the campus will only continue to expand its renewable energy use portfolio and grow its eco-friendly practices.

“We continue to optimize utility production efficiency and reduce using our campus buildings with energy conservation,” Coffin said. “We’re supporting efforts to incorporate solar energy in future campus buildings and are continuing to search for viable renewable energy solutions for MU’s future.”

Partner Name Annual On-Site Green Power Usage

(Measured in kilowatts per hour)

  1. Apple Inc.
     2. Walmart Inc. 184,669,184
     3. U.S. Department of Energy      132,188,302
     4. State of California 88,899,994
     5. University of California 81,304,049
     6. University of Missouri 70,658,209
     7. BMW Manufacturing Co. 58,372,000
     8. City of San Diego, CA 48,934,516
     9. IKEA 45,520,102
    10. General Motors 43,704,000

Table 1. For a complete list of the Green Power Partnership’s Top 30 On-Site Generation visit the EPA’s website here.