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Waste Audits

MU produces an average of 17 tons of waste each day and of that, only 20 percent of the materials that can be recycled are being recycled! Therefore, in order to improve our diversion rates, the MU Sustainability Office works with Campus Facilities in order to host waste audits that help us determine what can be done to improve this process. Waste Audit data helps building coordinators and departments better understand their waste stream in order to find the best intervention points.

Waste Audits consist of Sustainability Office employees and volunteers sorting, weighing and calculating waste from multiple different buildings on campus. Waste Audits are conducted over multiple weeks in a semester and shifts will be held during normal workweek hours, but specific times will be determined by the waste audit coordinator of that semester. So, stay tuned to our website and Facebook for updates on semester schedules!

Volunteer Information: Volunteers will be provided gloves, aprons and cleaning materials. Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing that they can move around in and wouldn’t mind getting dirty.