Recycling Questions

What does “plastics #1-7” mean?

  • Each number corresponds to a different kind of plastic.  This is important to know when it actually get recycled because items should be separated by numbers to recycle them efficiently.  You can typically find the plastic number on the bottom or side of the item, often in the middle of the chasing arrows figure.  Columbia recycles #1-7, however, check out this list of exceptions.

Can I recycle my Starbucks’ paper cup?

  • No, Starbucks paper cups are not recyclable.  However, the paper sleeves can be recycled with regular paper, and the lids can be recycled with plastics.  Also, all of their plastic cups, lids, and straws can be recycled with plastics.

How do I recycle toner cartridges?

What if I’ve looked over the recycling guidelines, and am still unsure of what can/can’t be recycled on campus?

  • Give us a call at (573) 884-9319.  We love answering questions!

How can I receive a loaner paper or beverage recycling cart?

  • Contact Campus Facilities customer service line at 573-882-8211.

How can I reserve trash and recycling bins for an event I’m hosting on campus?

  • Check out the event bin rental guide at the bottom of this webpage.


What student groups are present on MU’s campus related to sustainability?

Does the Sustainability office have any internships/job opportunities?

  • We partner with the Office of Service Learning to offer volunteer/internship opportunities for interested students.  We try to fit these opportunities with the students’ interests.
  • We also offer specialized internships through specific classes, and occasionally for individuals who are interested in a particular topic.  Contact us to talk about opportunities.
  • There are currently no paid positions available.

What if I have an idea to improve the campus’s sustainability?

  • Let us know!  Sustainability will only be successful if we work together.  Shoot us an email at musustainability@missouri.edu or give us a call at 573-884-9319 to talk about options.