Thank you for your donations!


For students wishing to donate items to Tiger Treasures, it couldn't be more simple. Just drop off items at any of the donation stations placed in residence halls. It's that easy! We'll gladly take your gently-used clothes, shoes, small personal appliances (e.g., hair dryers, straighteners), mini fridges, microwaves, rugs, furniture and pretty much anything else you no longer or want--or just don't want to lug home with you for the summer!  Community members are encouraged to donate items for the sale as well.  Designated drop-off days will be announced as it gets closer to the sale.

To see a few examples of what was donated in years past, check out the gallery below:

Our sponsors would like to thank in advance the MU students who will donate their gently-used goods at the end of the semester. Last year you helped us keep more than 14 tons of material out of the landfill, and the sale of your donations will help the community!