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Mizzou works diligently to accurately track its greenhouse gas emissions. MU breaks down its emissions into three categories. These tiers measure emissions from different sources through increasing levels of complexity. Tier one emissions are relatively easy to calculate, but on the other hand tier three emissions can be quite tricky to calculate. For more information on how greenhouse gasses are inventoried, check out this link to the refined 2019 IPCC guidelines for greenhouse gas inventories.

Tier1 MTCO2e Tier2 MTCO2e Tier3 MTCO2e Total MTCO2e
FY08 308,922 39,563 27,606 376,091
FY09 257,737 61,086 31,730 350,554
FY10 230,116 69,466 29,988 329,570
FY11 232,422 73,967 30,594 336,983
FY12 183,929 32,931 30,031 246,890
FY13 201,630 47,298 31,879 280,807
FY14 192,160 35,254 27,873 255,287
FY15 175,484 18,767 28,213 222,464
FY16 152,800 8,026 27,955 188,782
FY17 154,015 5,893 27,871 187,779
FY18 131,901 5,411 26,730 164,042

Emissions and Mizzou students, faculty and staff

One great way for Mizzou students, faculty and staff to visualize how greenhouse gas emissions fluctuate with the student, faculty and staff population on campus. Certain aspects of calculating emissions for off-campus residents such as those from commuting can be incredibly hard to track down, and are largely missed by these calculations.

Per Student Capita MTCO2e output
FY08 0.105
FY09 0.119
FY10 0.130
FY11 0.130
FY12 0.184
FY13 0.166
FY14 0.179
FY15 0.209
FY16 0.247
FY17 0.236
FY18 0.254


Emissions and Mizzou buildings

Like comparing emissions data to campus users, comparing emissions data to the overall amount of building space on campus can also help to identify trends in how efficiently MU’s buildings are operating. The below comparison is made by dividing the total scope 1 and 2 emissions calculated by the total gross square foot of building measured on campus. Although not all emissions recorded are directly the result of buildings, this measure can help to provide a rough estimate as to the efficiency of our buildings at Mizzou.

FY08 0.0265
FY09 0.0242
FY10 0.0215
FY11 0.0218
FY12 0.0153
FY13 0.0176
FY14 0.0160
FY15 0.0135
FY16 0.0112
FY17 0.0111
FY18 0.0094