2018 STARS Report Banner

STARS stands for Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System. STARS is administered by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education also known as AASHE. The sustainability-focused framework STARS has developed helps engage and recognize secondary education institutions from all types of backgrounds, from public community colleges to private universities, for their efforts to be a sustainable campus year-round.

2018 MU STARS Highlights

Curriculum 27.20/40.00
MU received a 100 percent rating on academic courses which is categorized under curriculum. The university was honored for offering over 200 undergraduate courses that focus on sustainability and 138 graduate courses that focus on the topic as well.

Innovation 4.00/4.00
Recognized for our hard work with four different
innovations including STARS comparison among SEC schools. Gold rating: MU, University of Georgia, Texas A&M and University of Arkansas. Silver: University of Tennessee, Auburn University, University of South Carolina, University of Kentucky and the University of Florida. MU-Based Program Tools for Educators Supporting Children Involved in Natural Disasters and Crises.

Research 16.00/18.00
When referring to the research and scholarship portion categorized under Research, MU received 12/12 points for their efforts. Approximately 71 percent of MU’s faculty and staff researchers are engaged in sustainability research.

Waste Minimization and Diversion 2.39/8.00
An area that MU greatly needs your assistance on is waste minimization and diversion. According to our statistics we are not recycling materials in the correct bins and we are throwing trash and food into the recycling bins as well. These actions lead to high contamination levels. Find out what you can do to help by visiting our recycling pages.

For an in-depth and printable version of our STARS report, please click here.