The University of Missouri has shown a serious commitment to increasing renewable energy consumption. The incorporation of biomass into the fuel mix has allowed Mizzou to soar from 1% of our energy coming from renewable sources in 2010, to 40% in 2018. Increasing the proportion of energy coming from renewable resources demonstrates Mizzou’s commitment to clean air for all. Increasing renewable energy consumption on campus has the added effect of helping to educate students on the feasibility of incorporating renewable energy into everyday life.

An area graph showing how the contribution of renewable energy to the overall energy mix for MU has increased over time.

Fiscal Year
Percent of Energy from Renewable Energy Source
2008 1%
2009 1%
2010 1%
2011 2%
2012 2%
2013 9%
2014 24%
2015 27%
2016 34%
2017 39%
2018 40%

To learn more about Mizzou’s energy generation program, check out the energy page on our website!